sexta-feira, 21 de junho de 2013


The right is hunting and expelling
the left of the manifestations
For an anti-fascist front to defeat the
handling of mass protests by right!
If depended on traditional mass organisations (trade unions, federations, Central associations and trade unions) and Vanguards (opportunistic, and centrist parties), the mass movement that nationalized in recent days would not exist. The first are mainly co-opted by the federal Government, the latter are polarized by the PT or the right opposition (PSDB, DEM, PPS), STF, etc. The current demonstrations were born of a deep and growing popular dissatisfaction that has drop d ´ water the brutal police repression against protests by reducing the price of tickets and the free pass in collective transport. Without doubt the movement was born spontaneously and this was his initial force. But what until this third week of June was the strength of the movement, the semi spontaneous youth rebellion, begins to reveal his weakness.

The ideological reaction that gained momentum since the capitalist restoration in the USSR and Eastern Europe, the popular rejection of legitimate parties left opportunists, Lula and Dilma Governments integrated, and the very fact that the ideas and prejudices are the dominant ideas of the ruling class favor the capitalization of popular dissatisfaction by antipartyism and by reactionary nationalist cross-dressed right, ethics in politics, etc. With the help of the great reactionary media, that there is already some years attempts to win the middle classes and create artificial street demonstrations "against the monthly allowance", now if camouflages of protester and raises the head inside of the protests and begins hunting and expelling the leftist militancy of the acts.


As aggravating, the character horizontalist, semi-autonomous of its direction, the movement by the free pass, allows easily the infiltration and the right-wing fascist movement assault that need to expel the left of its manifestations to best handle them. The flags and attacks militants of PCO, PCR, PSTU that we have seen recently in the national TV network are an example of what we are saying. In this way, the revolucionarism anti-party fascism burgeons. In a practical way but empirical, the demonstrations of the day 17/6, the LC held a front of action with the PCO against right and police departed. But this type of front is not sufficient, it is necessary to plan our defense, organizing it from a House of organizations claim the working class by a single band of anti-fascist action with full political independence and freedom of mutual criticism between its participants. To do so, call the PSOL, PSTU, PCB, OCP, PCR, READ, MEPR, AND, TPOR, ASS, O.C. critical Weapon, LOI, NATE, LPM, LM, CL, LQB, LBI, RR, ... for the establishment of sessions to organize our unity of action in defense of our flags, symbols and instructions of the physical integrity of each member and organization in mass demonstrations.