domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

SYRIA (english)

The LCFI condemns the criminal
and imperialist attack by Israel
against Syria and Hezbollah

The LCFI, of which Socialist Fight is the British section,
issued the following statement on the Israeli bombing of Syria

As in Libya, the Syrian pro-imperialist coupists are unable to carry out the "Syrian revolution" to overthrow the bourgeois regime of Assad, who has the relatively big support of the masses. This is the FSA needed urgent relief from its imperialist allies. This help now comes from the hand of the main guardian of the interests of the United States in the region, Israel.

While European imperialist social democratic parties, as well as some pseudo-Trotskyists (LIT, Corep, RCIT, LCC / CWG USA and NZ, FLTI) support the imperialist offensive on behalf of the "Syrian revolution", the internationalist Trotskyist invoke a united front with all anti-imperialist forces in the Middle East, noting that this defeat of imperialism is the best lever to pave the way for the socialist revolution on tyrants and bourgeois nationalist Governments which today govern the region.

Imperialism is advancing its interests in the region by again repeating the same lies they told us to justify the invasion of Iraq, once more we must be against the so-called weapons of mass destruction in Syria. They achieve this by using cover of the fall against the hated tyrannies in Egypt, Tunisia and the "Arab spring". This also reveals that the Russian-Chinese bourgeois opponent does not really constitute any consistent anti-imperialist barrier. On the contrary parasitic exploitation aside, Russia and China advocate symmetrical parasitic interests of exploitation of the natural resources of the working class and oppressed peoples.

We make a call for the proletariat of the Anglo-Saxon bloc to boycott the delivery of military aid to Israel and NATO to attack Syria and Hezbollah and defend the right of them to arm themselves and defend themselves. We especially call the Hebrew working class to break with its ruling class and fight for the destruction of the Zionist regional policemen and fight for a Palestinian Soviet of workers’ councils comprising of Palestinian Arab and Hebrew, as part of the proletarian and revolutionary unity of the peoples of the region in a Socialist Federation of Republics of Middle East.