quinta-feira, 2 de julho de 2015


The arrest of a class enemy by
orientation of the greatest of all enemies (the imperialism)
Original em Português - Liga Comunista - Frente Comunista dos Trabalhadores - 26/06/2015


Marcelo Odebrecht is the largest boss to be arrested in the history of Brazil. The rule of the class struggle under capitalism is that only the poor go to jail. Brazil IS overcrowded workers and sectors coming from our class who were pushed to the social marginalization by capitalism.

But even to appear to "defend the public interest" justice of the rich against the poor opens one or two exceptions, leading to the jail either a Playboy or public officer also when they “put their foot in the jackfruit” (commit a great crime). There are even more exceptional case when in a bitter dispute interburguesa, the loser falls from grace, is kicked out of class and also put in jail. Aside from that, bankers and businessmen only go to jail for some legal-media pyrotechnic with very short duration.

The arrest of Marcelo Odebrecht, president of the largest construction company in the country (and other members of the company and the company Andrade Gutierrez) clearly has pyrotechnical elements, but goes far beyond that. Marcelo owns the largest company in the country in number of employees [1], employs 125,000 workers, five times more workers than the Fiat plant in Betim (MG), the largest automotive industry of the country, and in 2013 has employed even more than ECT- public Postal mpany with the largest number of employees in the country.


The entrepreneur is heir to an empire that it was expanded in Lula, is among the top 10 in Brazil, has personal fortune estimated at US $ 5 billion, the construction site in 21 countries and reached sales of $ 100 billion. How then is it possible, without there having been a socialist revolution in Brazil, he has been in jail for over a week, without even the right to habeas corpus?

This arrest shows that the operation “Lava Jet” is the operator of a coup scheme run by big business sectors that are in the food chain of capitalism in a higher level than illustrious prisoner, a level that transcends national boundaries, ie, was imperialism that had wanted him arrested.

During the election campaign, our candidate Levi from the Communist League denounced the contructions companies [2], were the large funding the campaigns of employers' candidatures, and in particular the Odebrecht, which were the most responsible for slave labor in Brazil. This corporation illegally enslaves many of the thousands of employees [3]. But that's not the reason why the billionaire was arrested now. However, it is wrong considerate he was in jail for the alleged bribery payments in the corruption of Petrobras, claims formally Judge Sergio Moro, the new hero superstar created by national right. The billionaire was arrested for representing the sector of the national bourgeoisie that deeper joined the governments of the PT, and is now being pressed to "open the game" and provide evidence to incriminate Lula.


A shark of this caliber will only arrested by the intervention of imperialism in the process. Thus, the operation "Lava Jet will have US help to investigate Odebrecht." [4].

The arrest of the owner of the construction company Odebrecht and the direct involvement of imperialism in this siege of Lula mean, no less, that the US is playing a heavy (hard) game to play in Brazil in the global Cold War, where the business and its revenues are part of a cycle whose heyday was while the PT was in office, cycle linked to property speculation, the mega-events, PACs and export of works financed by BNDES(National Public Bank Only for Investimets), associated with a pro-BRICS logistics, as was the port of Mariel, Cuba.

The effects of the economic crisis on Brazil have been boosted by the imperialist maneuvers aimed at shortening the economic and political cycle of the PT in the federal government to resume political and diplomatic control over Brazil as part of the current cold war against China and Russia.


The PT is the main political party of the class struggle in Brazil. Alathough not numerically higher in formal membership, government or parliamentarians that the PMDB has , is due to the PT, its influence in the working class, which partie are allied (PMDB), or against, the other political parties for at least 30 years. Thus, the PT has its importance in the class struggle in Brazil. But the PT does not represent the interests of workers, its leaders chose to improve the democracy of the rich in alliance with the most pragmatic parties of the bourgeoisie.

Each phase of the operation Lava jet is part of a domino game that aims to criminalizing Lula and the PT, because even through elections, even appealing to the dirty games and making a reactionary Front as in 2014, the right wing did not managed to return to federal power since the beginning of this millennium. In a calculated operation imperialism and its local agents scammers harass the Dilma government, his party and his (probably) successor (Lula).

As part of the its deep degenerative integration of PT to the bourgeois regime, the party and its leaders react to achaque capitulating to pressure from the right, becoming accomplices against the workers and their social rights, labor, social security.

The president is negotiating the extension of his govern (avoiding inpeachment) running neoliberal measures against the masses who elected her, in favor of a pro-imperialist fiscal adjustment. The same shameful tactics of the PT itself, ratified at the last elected National Congress is to gain time at any cost, in a suicide actions avoiding any resistance, delivers the rings not to lose fingers, toes not to lose the arm, the arm to keep his head, ... pragmatically supports the government and its fiscal adjustment against the masses. This is the result of cowardice is the result of the party becoming bourgeois  which relies more on permanent policy of conciliation with the workers of the enemy and the crumbling structures of the regime than in organizing a mass resistance to defend themselves from the right.

The arrest of the great boss intends to press it to him collaborate with the criminalization of Lula. [5]. The goal of the scammers is to break the Neymar legs of PT ( reference to Most famous football player who suffered aggression in the World CUP and got out of the Championship)  before the elecions 2018. Lula knows this, first giving unconditional support to Roussef than changing for critical support Roussef and her anti-worker policy, but he passively is heading for defeat.

In different historical and less cowardly situations, but also offering a timid defense or reacting too late, have walked to the defeat opponents like Allende, Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi ... Even with their heads threatened the national bourgeois leaderships would rather prefer be massacred than arm the working population to react in time and crush the coup of State armed by imperialism. This is because such directions have a suicide pact with Capital City against the socialist revolution, fear more organized proletariat that its own performers.

Objectively, the pragmatism of PT under Lula's orientation, which has already delivered without resistance to the right the historical direction of the party as José Dirceu and José Genuino, tends to do the same with Lula himself.

Even if that imperialist maneuver, for some reason, does not reach the expected result and now the billionaire is released before meeting the expectations of their jailers, the maneuver already fulfilled part of what has been helpful to the right for allowing the advance of a coup take a step forward in order to put Lula in prison as a real possibility, simultaneously reviving those who intends the impeachment of Dilma. [6]


The working class, which is now a victim of right-wing offensive, and also a victim of this offensive policy implemented by the accomplice government of Roussef-Levy can not be at the mercy of the cowardice of the PT and the CUT. For imperialism to defeat Lula and the PT through a coup d'état is merely tactical action, cause intention is greatly increasing the exploitation of the working class, of the youth and extermination the rights of all the exploited population is their strategy. For this, they blackmail their minors partners, put in illegality parties (like just now they make the with PSTU, PCB and PCO), reduce the legal criminal to 16 years old for criminalizing the youth, put pression on governments, etc.

When the capitalist state becomes more strict in this case, allegedly against corruption, it is always to turn, at the end, with more cruelty against the entire working class. We do not recognize the legitimacy of this policing operation and we know that our class is once again the target of this hunt. If the coup is successful, they will legalize slave labor outsourcing, they will greatly expand the policy of extermination of the youth and the mass incarceration of the proletariat.

None of the martyrdom imposed by this mega-boss of Odebrecht was minimally attenuated with this lawsuit. Only opportunistic incurable may believe that workers can take some kind of shortcut through the coup climbing action of imperialism and its reactionary agents. We have nothing to celebrate is behind this prison of national capitalism capo is the chief world capitalism (USA) interested in imposing an infinitely greater regime of exploitation on us.

We need to push on a broader front to crush the imperialist coup and simultaneously build a workers' communist opposition against government Roussef-Levy and his slave owners allies in orde to overcome the illusions of the masses in the PT and to build a new direction for the struggle in defense of our rights and the service of the socialist revolution.